Introducing TimeTact 1.1.5

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The latest version of TimeTact, TimeTact 1.1.5 brings many improvements in key features such as invoicing, drivelog, and other charges, along with bug fixes and new features. The result is a highly reliable mobile app with improved performance and usability. These updates include the following:

1. Invoicing

• You can now modify all invoice labels according to your preference, e.g., translate the labels to your own language.

• The invoice is now divided into several sections: one for time tracking, one for drive log, one for other charges, and one for reimbursements. This way, it’s easier to identify the categories for which the amounts are being displayed.

• It’s a lot easier to modify an invoice prior to sending it out. You have the option to make adjustments to invoice details before sending it to anyone.

• If you do not use the Drivelog, the data will not appear in the invoice.

• Invoices can now span over multiple pages.


2. Other Charges

It’s now easier to tag “other charges”—i.e., the expenses you have incurred while doing a job—as reimbursable (VAT is included).

Other Charges

3. Drivelog

Drivelog feature is also enhanced—the destination, i.e., your job location, is now displayed with an icon.

New Feature for TimeTact

When you’re recording the distance and route you’ve traveled using Drivelog, TimeTact now notifies you when you arrive at the place of work. When a new job is created, TimeTact automatically creates a zone around the place of work. Upon arriving in the zone, the phone notifies you with three options: (1) stop the Drivelog and start time tracking; (2) stop the Drivelog; or (3) do nothing.

Furthermore, in the Drivelog screen, you can now click a button to use Google Map navigation. (Note: This feature only works in countries where Google supports navigation).




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