Why time tracking is important

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Time tracking is important for anyone doing any job that is paid by the hour. Time tracking is common in offices, such as in accounting and law firms, consultancy companies, software development, and even in manual jobs. The main challenge though is finding an intelligent time tracking tool that does beyond timekeeping. This is crucial because correctly recording the actual hours worked can spell the difference between earning money or not.

For instance, without a smart time tracking tool, it wouldn’t be easy for a repairman to track the time he spent repairing a door unless he uses a stop-watch and a paper—tools that are not practical, and which leave rooms for errors.

Likewise, imagine you were given a fixed price to repair a door. If you don’t know how much time and the distance you drove to go the customer and how much time it took you to repair the door, you have no way of knowing if you’re earning or losing money.

To resolve this challenge, an intuitive time tracking tool should have the capability to track the distance (number of kilometers/miles) and time you spent driving your car to the work site, the time you spent repairing the door, and record the materials (with the price) you used throughout the job (if any).

With the free version of TimeTact, you can do all these—and a lot more.

Aside from tracking the distance you drove, the time spent behind the wheels, and the time spent working on the job, you can also document the job you have done using pictures and videos. This feature is quite handy and convenient, especially if the customer complains over the work you’ve done. With TimeTact, you can record a video of the job you’ve finished, which is saved together with the job, making it easier for you to send all job data via e-mail or share in Dropbox, that is, if there’s a need to show the completed job to a customer.

















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