Use an invoice template to invoice your work

Instantly create and send an invoice from your smart phone.


Create invoices on the go.

Instead of using Word and Excel invoice templates, you can create an invoice using the built-in invoice template and send these to your client right after you finish the job.

With TimeTact, you can generate professional-looking invoices that include your job’s name, client information, billable working and driving hours, distance traveled, job expenses and tax rates. You can also include images and videos from your notes or expenses when you send out the invoice from your phone.

Keep a copy of your invoice (and job data) by synchronising the app with Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to easily access your job information, invoices, notes, images and videos on your computer when the need arises.

Quickly configure your invoice template.

With TimeTact’s invoice template, it’s easy to set up information like invoice number, date, terms of payment and VAT registration number. You can also add comments about due dates or payment arrangement in the invoice footers. This, including the invoice number sequence is easily configured in the settings.

TimeTact’s invoices are in PDF by default, but you can also export invoices in CSV or XML. You can also attach information on your time tracking, Drivelog, Job Expenses and Notes, including images or videos. Easily send billings to your customers by email or share it using Dropbox.


Set up your company details

Easily include your company name, address and contact information in your invoices using TimeTact’s invoice template so that your clients know how to get back to you.

Include your VAT information

With the invoicing tool, you can also set up your tax information and indicate your federal or local tax rates. TimeTact supports up to two tax rates.

Show amounts being charged

TimeTact generates an invoice that includes information on your billable working and driving hours, the distance you’ve traveled and your job expenses. Your job expenses can be added to the invoice net of or including sales tax. The invoicing tool calculates the gross and net amount for each job so you can see your earnings before tax deductions.

Preview your invoices

TimeTact generates a preview of your invoice in PDF so you can browse through the structure and accuracy of your invoice data. Pinch screen to zoom in and out of the document.

Adjust your invoice data

Easily make adjustments on your invoices before your send them out. You can make changes on your invoice number, billable hours, and the rates for your hourly drive and per mile.

Set and adjust round off time

TimeTact allows you to round off your working time to the nearest 15, 30, 45 mins or 1 hour. You can still make adjustments on your round off times before sending out your invoices.

Export in PDF, CSV or XML format

Invoices are in PDF by default, but you can also export the invoices as CSV or XML file. This makes it easy for you and your clients to import the file into Excel or any accounting system so that you can further use or manipulate the data.

Export through email or Dropbox

Easily send out invoices through email or Dropbox. With Dropbox, you can easily access your job information, invoices, notes, images and videos on your computer. It also allows you to share your working folders with your co-workers or clients.

Include job documentation or reports to your invoices

Select job data to attach to your invoices so your customers can have the basis of your invoices.

Send multiple invoices to a single client

Save time when sending multiple invoices to a single client. TimeTact shows detailed information for each job and calculates their combined gross or net amount so you know how much they are in total. You can send out a maximum of 10 invoices per customer at one time.

Easily resend invoices

TimeTact keeps track of all the invoices that you sent to your customers and still makes these invoices available to you in case you want to send them again.

Ready-to-print invoices

Set the paper size of your invoices so that customers can readily print them out once they are received.

Keep copies of your invoices

TimeTact removes a job from the Un-invoiced list right after you send it to your clients. Aside from exporting it to your Dropbox, you can also keep a copy of your sent invoices by setting up your email as BCC or blind carbon copy so you can track when and which jobs you’ve sent invoices for.

Filter jobs when invoicing

Filter jobs when creating and sending out your invoices. Choose Un-invoiced to see the list of jobs that you’ve yet to send to clients. You can also see job listings for the day, current week or current month. You can also set start and end dates for your desired range of time.

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