Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does Timetrack work? How do I use it?

As a feature of TimeTact, Timetrack is a quick and smart stopwatch. You can either start time tracking by tapping Start Timetrack from the Home screen or the Timetrack button from the Job Detail screen. Timetrack logs time in two ways: particular and total. It takes a single tap to start or stop, and each particular period adds up to reflect your total working hours.


2. What if I forgot to track my working hours?

TimeTact comes with a post-entry feature where you can log the hours you missed to track. Create a post-entry by tapping “+” on the upper most right part of the Timetrack screen. This way, you don’t forget to record all the time you spend working.


3. How does Timetrack calculate the total amount for each job?

Customization of rates is available with TimeTact. Timetrack calculates your probable earnings using the hourly rate that you set for each job. If you forgot to set the rate, the value you entered in the Default Rates in the app’s Settings will be the basis of your projected earnings.


Job Report

1. How can I send job reports to my clients?

TimeTact allows you to send reports to your clients by email, or share your files with them through Dropbox. You can set which information to include and whether you want to present it in detailed or summarized format.


2. How else can I access my TimeTact files and reports?

TimeTact gives you the option to sync your app data to your Dropbox account. This means you can also access information, images, and videos on your PC or Mac. You can also view them as an HTML page, or import XML files into Excel so you can manipulate the data or use it as basis for invoice. You must have a Dropbox account, which must also be installed on your computer.


3. Will the changes that I made in my TimeTact files in Dropbox also apply in the app?

Dropbox only mirrors the app information on your computer. Whatever files you edit or remove on your Dropbox account will not affect any files in the app.


Backup and Restore

1. Can I restore a single Job Drivelog or Timetrack entry?

TimeTact backs up and restores entire job information to and from the mobile app or Dropbox, but not single entries for either Job Drivelog or Timetrack.


2. Where else can I restore my TimeTact data?

TimeTact can restore data to any iOS device operating in iOS 5 and above. The app’s Settings have buttons where you can initiate backing up or restoring your files in your device.


3. Can deleted files be recovered?

In-app deletes are permanent unless you got your files backed up. With TimeTact, you can synchronize and back up your app information, images, and videos to a Dropbox account. In case you deleted a file accidentally or the phone crashes and needs to be reset or upgraded, your files are still accessible.


4. What’s the backup folder in Dropbox for?

TimeTact allows you to synchronize app information, images, and video to a Dropbox folder that you can share with your co-workers or customers. Sharing this folder means allowing them to edit information or remove files. The backup folder keeps all the original files so you can quickly compare or track the changes made on the shared folder.



1. How does rounding off my billable hours affect the amount calculated in my invoice?

TimeTact gives you several options on how to round off your working hours. Depending on your settings, TimeTact will round up or round off your billable hours and calculate this against your hourly rate.


2. Can the app notify me when the clients have received my invoices?

The app only allows you to set your email as BCC for every invoice you send by email so you can receive the invoices at the same time your client receives it.


3. How can I tag a job as Invoiced?

TimeTact doesn’t have any tags or marks for invoiced jobs. But it can quickly show you Un-invoiced jobs using the filter options.


4. Is PDF the only option to preview my invoices?

Yes. The PDF preview can show you how your invoice will look like once you print it out. You can also zoom in and out of the document to further check your invoice data.


5. Exactly how many invoices can I send to a single client at one time?

TimeTact lets you send a maximum ten invoices to a single client in one go.


6. Can I generate an invoice using two currencies?

With TimeTact, you can only generate invoices using one currency.


Job Drivelog

1. How does Job Drivelog work? How do I use it?

Job Drivelog tracks driving hours and distance through GPS. It separates the billing for the distance you covered from the hours you spent driving. You can set default rates in the app’s Settings or within each job you create. This allows you to factor in the amount of your distance and driving cost.Please take note that only GPS-enabled devices can take advantage of Drivelog. iPod Touch and non-cellular iPad and iPad Mini users may have limited TimeTact capability.


2. How is Job Drivelog different from Timetrack?

Drivelog’s tracks distance and driving hours. Timetrack, on the other hand, logs the time spent on doing the job and is disabled whenever Drivelog is active. These features both track time but do not work simultaneously. A confirmation prompt appears whenever you intend to stop one and start the other.


Other Charges

1. How does Other Charges work? How do I use it?

Other Charges handles your reimbursement concerns by allowing you to record all ad hoc expenses you incurred on the job. Choose Other Charges from the Job Detail screen and create a detailed entry of every expense transaction you’ve had by filling out the Other Charges form. TimeTact gives you the option to include these expense details every time you send out Summary Report to clients on a particular job.


2. Will my other charges reflect on the total amount of doing the job?

In the summary report, TimeTact generates a separate entry for your expenses to distinguish it from your billable hours. You can see your total expenses when you select the Other Charges function from the Job Detail screen.


Other Concerns

1. What if the phone suddenly dies or runs out of battery?

Timetrack will continuously log your time until you’ve recharged. This doesn’t apply to Job Drivelog, though, because GPS needs power to stay on.


2. How should I mark jobs as complete or finished?

TimeTact doesn’t have marks for completed or finished jobs. Instead, you can archive jobs right after you complete them. Archived jobs will no longer appear in your active jobs list, but you’ll still have full access to the job information. TimeTact has filter options for viewing jobs: active, archived, or all jobs.


3. Can I make adjustments to my billable hours?

Yes. All it takes is a slide of a finger on the time entry you want to change. Click on the Edit button and start making adjustments to your billable hours.


4. Why is it that my video notes don’t follow my screen orientation?

Your video note’s orientation conforms to your phone’s screen settings at the time you’re recording it. So if you record a video and your screen is locked as portrait, all TimeTact videos will be seen as such. Unlock screen rotation to record your videos in landscape.


5. Does your company have access to my job data?

No, we do not collect data that you enter in your TimeTact app.


6. What is the difference between archiving and deleting?

Archiving removes a job entry from the Active Jobs’ list, but it still allows you to access and view all the information about that job when you set filter options to Archived or All Jobs. Deleting, however, removes all the information related to that job and cannot be restored unless you had it backed up.


7. Why can’t I pull up a GPS coordinate?

TimeTact saves GPS coordinates whenever you start or stop Timetrack, when you’re using Job Drivelog, or taking a photo for notes. There can be times when you cannot pull up GPS coordinates because you may be in a place that can’t be reached by GPS signal, e.g., in a basement, inside a building, or if you’re surrounded by high-rises.


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