A Mobile Timesheet, Expenses, Mileage Tracking and Invoicing App

Keep your job data and reports handy everywhere.

Timetact is more than a collection of powerful tools, you also get:

• Time tracking

• Invoicing

• Easy project documentation

• Drive log

• Synchronization with Dropbox

• Upload to Evernote

• Share on Facebook and Twitter

And a lot more…


Passcode protection

Avoid prying eyes by enabling a 4-digit passcode protection. You can disable or change your passcode anytime.

Your information

Enter your name, address and contact information. These will be the same information that the app will use for your invoices.

Manage your customers and rate charged

TimeTact allows you to type or import your contacts from your phone’s address book. You can easily change a client’s contact information and you can even set different rates for different customers.

Customize the invoice

TimeTact allows you to completely customize the invoice you send out. It supports local and federal taxes or just one tax rate which is common in many countries. You can even translate the labels from English to your mother language and you can have your own logo on each invoice.

Where you are and where the job is

Clicking the map on Job detail’s page lets you view your current position and the job location. The car icon on the screen marks your current location while the orange pin is your job site.

Manage your vehicles and drive log purposes

TimeTact settings include options for adding drive log purposes, and adding a vehicle by entering its information such as name, make and model. That way you can track exactly how much you drive in each vehicle. You can even choose if you drive privately or for business.

Schedule your jobs

You can pick a schedule for every job you create – from month, day, hour, even down to minutes. You can also use repeat – e.g., you want to schedule a particular job every Monday.

Set default distance unit

Easily choose between Kilometer or Mile.

Currency and Rates

You can choose your default currency and set default hourly rates for time tracking, driving and rate charged per kilometer or mile in the Settings. The rates will automatically be applied when a new job is created.

You have the option to modify the individual rates and currency for an individual job if a different rate or currency has been agreed with the customer.

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TimeTact makes it easy for freelancers, consultants, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people to track, capture and record important job and business data by keeping everything in one place! Make sure you’re getting paid for the services you’ve rendered by easily tracking and recording your timesheets, mileage, expenses, invoices and reports
- absolutely FREE!

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