Track your driving time, route, and distance traveled

Using the GPS on your phone.

Track the driving time and the distance

you traveled for a job.

Bill your driving time and the distance you travel.

TimeTact uses the built-in GPS to track the route, distance and drive time to get to the job location. The route is shown on the screen in real-time. Everything is saved with the job so you can either invoice the customer for your travel expenses or you can use the data when you do a job post-calculation to see if you make or lose money.

Drivelog supports both metric and imperial distance units and you can easily switch that in the settings. Drivelog feature is useful for people using company cars because it can track privately-driven Miles/KM. Accordingly, you can also use TimeTact to manage your mileage reimbursement claims if you use your private car for work-related travel.

With TimeTact’s Drivelog feature, you can track:
• Distance traveled
• Time traveled
• Average speed
• Start time and end time

You can set an hourly rate while driving, which is different from the rate you charge when you work, you can also charge a rate per mile/KM that you traveled. The costs are automatically included in the job’s invoice.


Record vehicles

With TimeTact, you can record the vehicle you used for a job. It’s easy to set up different vehicles you use in TimeTact, so that when you start drive logging, you choose the vehicle you use going to the job. Subsequently, you can view reports per vehicle.

Record starting/ending odometer value

You can set the starting or ending odometer value for every drive to have an accurate record of your business mileage (This is a requirement by the tax authorities in certain countries when using a company car for private driving).

Record purposes and enter notes for each drive

You can record purposes and enter notes for each drive so you can easily separate and track which drivelog is for work or private use (This is a requirement by the tax authorities in certain countries when using a company car for private driving).

Drivelog history

Quickly view the complete list of all your drives in the Drivelog history. For each job you can see exactly where you traveled. There is no limit to the number of individual drive logs you can have for each job.

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TimeTact makes it easy for freelancers, consultants, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people to track, capture and record important job and business data by keeping everything in one place! Make sure you’re getting paid for the services you’ve rendered by easily tracking and recording your timesheets, mileage, expenses, invoices and reports
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