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TimeTact is an app that brings together a set of features to help track and record all important job and business data in one place, even while on the go.

TimeTact allows its users to easily set up job information and track working and driving time, distance and expenses. Users can also create job documentation with images and videos that they can share with their clients or use for recordkeeping. This standalone application also generates reports and invoices. The app’s integration with Dropbox allows its users to conveniently access all their job information on their computer or on the web.

TimeTact is created to make work easier, more organized and streamlined. It aims to eliminate all the hassles of timekeeping, project documentation, reporting and invoicing. TimeTact is designed to provide great value for freelancer, consultants and entrepreneurs by being their reliable partner, especially when working on time-based projects.

about_imgDesigned for iOS devices, TimeTact is ideal for anyone who’s on the go, gets paid by the hours and needs a tracker for jobs and work locations. Enhance your work experience with an app that works hard as you do.

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Whether you’re at the start of your career or an experienced professional, productivity is one key to get and stay ahead—more so if your job demands sound coordination and constant change of location. You need an indispensable tool to help you achieve more.

TimeTact’s smart design and pragmatic features smooth out schedules, organizes reports, and cues you in to work locations, letting you focus on things that really matter.

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TimeTact makes it easy for freelancers, consultants, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people to track, capture and record important job and business data by keeping everything in one place! Make sure you’re getting paid for the services you’ve rendered by easily tracking and recording your timesheets, mileage, expenses, invoices and reports
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