Track working hours, document jobs and send invoices straight from your phone.

Quickly set up jobs, easily track time and access your customer data for documentation and invoicing. With TimeTact, you can track time with a single-tap, create post-time entries for hours not logged and adjust your billable hours. Bring all your customer data with you, keep track of your projects and ensure you’re getting paid.

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Bill your driving time and the distance you travel.

The Drivelog uses the built-in GPS to track where you drive and then time and distance traveled so that you can include the cost in your invoicing. You can also use the data to do a post-calculation to see if you’re making or losing money on a particular job.

Learn more about Job Drivelog.


Take notes with images and videos.

Use images, drawings and videos or add texts plane text notes to document the work you’ve done. TimeTact’s note-taking feature lets you have documentation you can easily access should the need arise. The images and videos are geo-coded, given a time stamp and stored with each job so you can easily retrieve them in the future. Share your notes, images and videos with your co-worker or clients through email, Dropbox, Twitter or Facebook.

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Report anytime, anywhere.

Generate your reports on the go when and where you need them. Use TimeTact to export reports through email or Dropbox as CSV or XML file. This allows you to import the data into Excel or accounting systems. You can also include pictures and videos when you export reports.

Learn more about Job Report.


Track your job related expenses.

Easily track your job related expenses e.g. for reimbursement claims. TimeTact’s Other Charges feature lets you record ad-hoc job expenses and take pictures and videos of your purchase transactions. The expenses can be added to the invoice either net of or including sales tax.

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Integrate TimeTact with Dropbox.

With TimeTact and Dropbox integration you can automatically backup your data, share working folders with your clients and co-workers, and access your job information, pictures and videos on your computer.

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Your best work companion.  Quality at work requires a lot that’s why it’s very important to have a tool that would take care of everything else. Count on TimeTact.


Work smarter with TimeTact.

TimeTact is a business app that tracks working and driving hours, distance traveled, and job related expenses. It can generate reports and invoices and integrate with Dropbox.

TimeTact is absolutely FREE! Get it NOW!

Easy-to-use timer
View time reports
Adjust your billable hours
Manual time tracking
GPS coordinate for each time entry
Add notes
Generate cost report
Support different rates for working, driving and time while driving
Send invoice from your phone
Job Drivelog
GPS tracking for driving time, distance traveled and work locations
Track distance and average speed
View driving course on the map
Assign and maintain unlimited vehicles
Record starting/ending odometer value
Assign and record purpose for each drive
Job Drivelog history
Attach single and multiple drivlelogs to a specific job
Support metric and imperial unit systems
Calculate cost based on time/kilometer driven
Easy access to notes from Job Page
Images and videos as notes
Draw over plain canvas or picture
Trim a video note
Embedded GMT timestamp on all video and pictures
Share notes
Synchronize notes, images, and videos with your Dropbox automatically
Other Charges
Itemized other charges tracking
Charge separately from your billable hours
Set up federal or local tax rates
Document purchase transaction
Include other charges in Summary Report
Job Report
Show reports on the phone
Master Work report
Master Drivelog
Export report through email or Dropbox
Select report attachments
Import reports in CSV or XML format
Set up your company’s logo
Include your VAT information
Show amounts being charged
Preview your invoices
Set and adjust round off time
Export in PDF, CSV or XML format
Export through email or Dropbox
Include job documentation or reports to your invoices
Send multiple invoices to a single client
Easily resend invoices
Ready-to-print invoices
Keep copies of your invoices
Dropbox Integration
Integrate TimeTact with Dropbox
Backup and restore job data
Recreate files and folders
Automatic data synchronization
Working folder with data
Keeps working even when used in the background
Here’s more
Passcode protection
User information
Customer information
Job information
Schedule jobs
Job listing
Star and archive jobs
Set default distance unit
Select starting day of the week
Where you are and where your job is

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TimeTact makes it easy for freelancers, consultants, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people to track, capture and record important job and business data by keeping everything in one place! Make sure you’re getting paid for the services you’ve rendered by easily tracking and recording your timesheets, mileage, expenses, invoices and reports
- absolutely FREE!

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